get the top 10 tips for getting your doctoral dissertation or thesis done

Welcome to ABD Dissertation Coaching!

Are you a PhD candidate who’s an ABD (all-but-dissertation)?

Struggling with doing your research or writing your dissertation?

Feel like you are at some sort of impasse?

Worried that you may never finish before your university’s deadline for degree completion is up?

Approximately 35-50% of all students who undertake doing a PhD never finish their doctoral degrees.

It’s a staggering statistic.

In part, it is because it’s difficult to get a PhD.  Not everyone can do what it takes to finish.

But, if you’ve made it through your coursework and the significant milestone of having an approved dissertation proposal, then I believe you have the capacity to complete your dissertation, too.

(And let me add, “Kudos to you for having made it this far!”)

Yes, you can finish your dissertation, complete your doctorate, and get back your life.

And, you can do it in a way that enables you to thrive rather than suffer.

And if you stick with it and see this through to the PhinisheD line, you will derive all the benefits of this amazingly transformative learning experience that no other academic accomplishment can provide.

Hello. I am Dr. Bernadette Mineo.

I help PhD cadidates like you who are ABD get to your goal of finishing your dissertation so that you can earn your doctorate.

Whether you are just beginning your dissertation work or have been at it for several years, I provide the support and a success oriented system of accountability that will empower you to implement your dissertation proposal, finish your research and write up your dissertation.

To moving from ABD to PhD!

Bernadette Mineo, PhD

Dr. Mineo’s guidance provided a structure that enabled me to work systematically to achieve my goals of program development, publication, and teaching. She has a unique ability to see beyond the obstacles and provide effective suggestions in both work and publication arenas. Words really don’t do justice to the support and encouragement I received during my educational journey. – Dr. Michelle Brown; Worcester, Massachusetts

get the top 10 tips for getting your doctoral dissertation or thesis done